New Puppy Potty Training tips

  • When taking outside put them on the ground at the same place every time
  • Take out at regular interval based on age 1 hour under 2 months old. 2 hours 2 months old. 
  • Cut up cheese sticks for treats or a lot of praise
  • Don’t give water after 7 or 8 PM
  • Bell at door. Ring every time you take it out. 
  • Watch for the squat and immediately take them out
  • Take out first thing in morning
  • Join a Goldendoodle Facebook group

Create Training

Dont be afraid to leave him in the cage for a bit and let him cry. Try to start out by leaving them in for about 1 hour. Take them out to potty and then let them play until they are worn out and back in the cage…and repeat….

  • only put a couple toys inside and add a cushion inside when they are finally potty trained
  • Cover up create with a towel or put it by you to let them see you
  • Give treats only in create
  • Don’t give water after 7 PM
  • Put in crate same time every night like 9 PM
  • Blanket or shirt with your scent
  • Cuddle puppy with heartbeat 
  • They may cry but don’t worry

New Puppy Food

  • Feed 3xs a day until 6 months then 2xs a day
  • Sensitivity – some say doodles are sensitive to chicken. Try Wholesomes salmon dog food or other types

Tips to help stop bitting puppies

  • Don’t let them chew on fingers. Make a fist so they cannot get fingers
  • Try giving them a frozen wet rag to chew on.
  • Give them plenty of toys to play with